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David’s paintings demonstrate a technique that is neither eclectic nor imitative, but is a fruit of an elaborate research mingling images and color, truth and beauty symbolism and love for the true art. His artistic language is authentic and original, being continually renewed, enriching his work of art through semantic devices capable to express and convey humanistic and philanthropic messages.
--------  Orazio Tanelli il Ponte Italio-Americano

David George has an impressive output of unique oil paintings. His paintings are all characterized by the use of tints that are often pastel in effect, highlighted by accents that further contribute to their general luminescence. The highlighted area can be a cheek, an arm, or an architectural plane. The special use of this technique gives the subjects valid, radiant identity”.
--------  Asbury Park Press

"Mr. George uses light, color and texture “to explore the inner- and external realities of his subjects, from the isolation of modern-day man to human longing of a woman yearning for dignity,
--------  Connecticut Post

"George expertly conveys his subjects expressive body language hands on shoulders suggest comforting reassurance and outstretched palms reach into the air for answers."

--------  Agora Gallery

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