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Artist David George


Male Figure in Desparation - Oil on Canvas - Artist David George.

Male Figure in Desperation

Duality of a Woman - Oil on Canvas - Artist David George

Duality of a Woman

Introspective Man 2.JPG

Introspective Male Figure in the Forest

From the age of 4 years old, a child who was to become an artist, very frequently spent time alone. In this solitude he hoped to find peace and freedom from painful daily struggles.  This child’s mother bought him paints and paper. She encouraged him to draw and paint as a way to see beauty.  Thus began the career of accomplished American Artist David George.

First, it was landscapes that were drawn by the boy, seen outside of his bedroom window.  From his first landscape, which he drew with dark tones of green and black, he continued drawing and painting all of his life.  Early on he was struck by the radiant identity that light gave to his subjects.  As a result he approached each new expression as an exciting chromatic experiment.  These powerful images contained bold strokes of line and color. David also began to draw with emotionally charged fluidity. He was able to release his pent up fears into art works that reflected an emotional freedom.

In David George’s paintings, freedom of self and others would become his inspiration. His deep connection with the struggling and less fortunate is clearly demonstrated through the subjects of his art.  In his painting titled Male Figure in Desperation, an African American Man is seen slumped over one hand while he is reaching out with the other hand: it expresses movement and mental fatigue, reaching out for answers, praying for survival.


A similar theme is symbolized in a painting titled The Duality of a Woman, in which an African woman is immersed in her dancing motion among leaves spread in an environment surrounded by buildings and sidewalks.  This landscape contains symbolic meanings like the search for freedom far from the compelling society.

“David’s paintings demonstrate a technique that is neither eclectic nor imitative, but is a fruit of an elaborate research mingling images and color, truth and beauty symbolism and love for the true art. His artistic language is authentic and original, being continually renewed, enriching his work of art through semantic devices capable to express and convey humanistic and philanthropic messages.”   --- Orazio Tanelli il Ponte Italio-Americano

David’s painting titled Prayer for Dignity expresses something to humanity on a level much deeper than conscious thought.  This painting displays a nude female, figured together with a dressed businessman who offers her some money: she accepts it with one hand and reaches towards heaven with the other hand.  The female figure silently cries out for dignity and freedom.

David George’s ideas and inspirations have always come in his dreams.  He visits these images while sleeping and awake while repeatedly reviewing them.  This process has been a way for David to solidify the direction that his art work will take. David saw in a dream a young man slumped over as if wearing a heavy burden. He realized that it represented his own struggles. 


While emphasizing this connection, David created the artwork titled Introspective Male Figure in the Forest.  David is able to show in this painting the psychological relationship between man and nature, where in the landscape itself appears an African American Man seated on a rock: he is resting on his hands surrounded by trees, he is deep in thought, while the light appears between the trees laying heavily on his shoulders.

David George works deliberately and carefully to create a harmony throughout his entire work. He does this by characterizing his subjects through degrees of light and textural contrast.  His emphatic use of light often supports and highlights the mood and meaning in his paintings.  David clearly demonstrates this in an oil painting titled The Elixir.  Here the artist captures torment and longing in the expression of Nemorino as he peers through a curtain at Adina.  Both figures are highlighted with various tones and textures of paint.  The brightest tones are on Adina’s face then her hands while Nemorino’s face and hands are emphasized in medium tones and texture.  Mr. George explained that his paintings are designed and approached considering how the viewer will see them.  In The Elixir, he purposely planned for the viewer to first see Adina’s face, her hands, Nemorino’s face, his hands and lastly the hat on the floor in that order.

Painting feels like I am conducting an orchestra with tones of color instead of instruments.”  ----- David George

Mr. George creates in his paintings a synthesis of various physiologic and somatic details, amalgamating two realities, the conscious and the unconscious.  David mingles the real and the social, people and landscape along with dreams and aspirations.  David George’s artistic success derives from his expressions and the ideological artistic themes they contain. His paintings reveal the authenticity of his poetic fantasy.  At the same time he finds sources of inspiration in nature and  in the social world.  David has succeeded in forming his own style and in developing a painting language that is honest and beautiful.

David George has an impressive output of unique oil paintings. His paintings are all characterized by the use of tints that are often pastel in effect, highlighted by accents that further contribute to their general luminescence. The highlighted area can be a cheek, an arm, or an architectural plane. The special use of this technique gives the subjects valid, radiant identity”.   ---- Asbury Park Press

Born in Newark, NJ, David George is a recognized New York artist. He graduated from the Newark School of Fine Arts.  For ten years he studied the old masters artistic technique with Samuel Breecher in New York on 23rd Street. David was sponsored for many years by the Gem and Hadley Art Galleries in NJ.  A member of the Salmagundi Club in NYC, David has exhibited in numerous shows including the American Watercolor Society, the National Academy of Design, and the Audubon Artists of America.  Mr. George’s artwork is on permanent exhibit in the Ramapo College Library.  His paintings are represented in many private collections.

His most recent solo exhibits were at THE ARNOLD BERNHARD ART CENTER in the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut and Ramapo College, New Jersey.

David is currently represented by the Agora Gallery at 530 West 25th Street, New York, New York.

21 - printed A Prayer for Dignity.jpg

Prayer for Dignity

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The Elixer

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