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  • Jonathan November

My paintings displayed in the June issue of Ukrainian People magazine!

I am honored to have three of my paintings displayed in the June 2022 issue of Ukrainian People magazine!

Painting the Ukrainian Invasion was my way of expressing the horror, disgust, and sadness that I felt. After reaching out, I received an immediate response from the editor of Ukrainian People magazine (, who said that my paintings touched her soul and brought out emotions. I loved her response. People feeling the emotions that I express means a great deal to me. Her idea was to connect a story to my paintings. The story is about a wife that has to leave Ukraine as her husband remains to fight, which is a perfect fit for the painting "Waiting To Leave My Beloved Ukraine". Two other paintings were included. They are titled "The Invasion Day One" and "Weeping for the Losses". All of these paintings can be found in my portfolio at

Table of Contents - June 2022 Issue of Ukrainian People magazine with my painting featured on the top-right

2 page article featuring my paintings

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