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  • Jonathan November

Expressing the horror of the Ukrainian Invasion

To-date, I've created three paintings that express the horror of the Ukrainian Invasion. Note that in all three of these paintings the Ukrainian flag is flying high and strong to symbolize hope. The Invasion: Day One (23" x 30" - Oil on Canvas) - Depicts a normal day turning into total devastation. The faces and hands of both women emphasize shock and fear.

Waiting To Leave My Beloved Ukraine (20" x 30" - Oil on Canvas) - Shows resignation by depicting two women with their heads down as they are leaving their homes and families. They are just trying to survive.

Weeping for the Losses (23" x 30" - Oil on Canvas) - The single figure in this expression is purposely non-gender specific. My intention is to emphasize the overwhelming devastation and loss of humanity being experienced by the Ukrainian people. The solitary figure surrounded by fire and devastation shows that everything is lost.

I will continue my series of paintings of the Ukrainian Invasion. It is my way of getting out my emotions of disgust, sadness, and horror.

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